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I got two Escorts, one GL 1989mod, and one GT 1987mod. The GL is the nicest car, and has only 40000miles to the clock, while the GT looks a great bit worse, and has 70000miles to the clock.

However, i want to swap the GT's injection, top and exhaust from the GT to the GL. How hard is this, and what do i need to consider? Ofcourse i want to do this to get some extra horsepower... I'm also going to remove the cat, since its not required here in Norway.

Any helping advice and thoughts around this? Anyone done it before?

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Shouldn't be that hard.

If you are just swapping the intake, exhaust, and the injection, it shouldn't be that difficult. Be careful and make sure that all of the electrical connections all match up. As far as the injectors go, they should fit the GL. Just make sure that you take off and get some new fuel injector O rings. You need to get a new intake gasket between the intake and the head. The exhaust shouldn't be any difficult. Just make sure that the O2 sensor can be put back into the new exhaust. Just like the intake, you need to get a new gasket for the exhaust as well. I am not positive, but the pipes should clear everything else. I have 2 88 Escort GT, and both have headers instead of a manifold, and there is plenty of room in front of the head+block. Hope some of this helps. Escorts are Great, forget imports. Peace -Chris
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