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CenterForce Dual Friction Clutch

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Ok, I finally installed my CenterForce Dual Friction Clutch yesterday and I have a few questions.

To me it seems that it is real loose (read no feeling in the clutch pedal). When I lift off the Clutch Pedal from a start and just give it a little gas there is almost no friction point to feel and the pedal is VERY light...

As well, if I shift gears at low RPM´s then it feels almost like it is slipping, but it is not... Very strange feeling..

Does anyone know if this is right and if there is a Break-in period that should be adheared to??

Red ´94 EGT
Plated: "MRVRMN"
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yes there is a break in period that should be adhearedto. The breakin period is 500 milesd of intown driving longer if openroad driving is where your at. For more info check out FAQs at centerforce.com they will tell you every thing you need to know
The guy that owns Centerforce lives here in Prescott...actually rotated his tires a few times at work. I love his 300Z, beautiful car.

I think I might ask if he´s interested in putting his name on a 2cd Gen GT Turbo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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