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Thats right Carlisle Custom Compacts nationals is back!!!

I have organized this for Escortracing last year and Carlisle Events will contact me first if we want a spot in the Harrisburg Farm show complex.

This is, Im pretty sure the same deal last year.

-First its May 15-16th
-Second Im pretty sure we need a sertain amount of ppl to turn out and actually register under A TEAM NAME for it to be free, other wise I would have to foot the bill, whitch is not cheap. ( I lucked out last year)

Ive seen escorts/zx2's in all kinds of mag. coverage. For ppl who went last year knows this show is awsome. I will keep you guys posted please try to make plans now to make to the show. Any questions just post or email me @ [email protected]

This is just a taste of what it was last year

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