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carbon fiber hoods with scoops for 2nd gen EGTs.

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SOMEONE listed a web site with carbon fiber hoods with scoops for the 2nd gen EGTs and now i can´t find where that was, does ANYONE know where it went? I wanna know so when i´m ready to get a new hood i can find it quickly. thanks

Red 92 EGT
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Does anybody know? it was from another site. Anybody at all?
I think it was on corksport.com. Thats a mazda ford site.
Yer prolly lookin for spydarauto.com

the hoods are fiberglass gelcoat though, not carbon fiber.

Still look bitchin
Ok i know people are probably sick of me putting my 2 cents in however i went to the website today for the company that is going to produce the drift kit for the escort and i noticed they will build anything including carbon fiber hoods with scoops in them goto

they are out of AZ and they seem promising they build very strong kits it looks like
nooooooooooooo that pic makes the text too long 93 black evo!
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