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Car won´t start!!....Bah!!!!

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My dad parked my car on FRIDAY...and he left my Amp turned on (it´s how i have it wired)

When i got back to my car on MONDAY....if of course wouldn´t start...BAH!!!

Tried jumping it...Nothing at all (not even a "click"

Fuses are all good...so far...need to check the engine bay ones next....

Headlights and high beams are the only things that have full power though.

Nothing else works...no interior lighting at all...not even little lights in the guage cluster...they faded to nothing really fast....but the high beam symbol is a bright as ever.....WTF!!!

Anybody have a faintest direction on where i should head on my search?.....i´ll keep working on it

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Hmm...most likely the battery...but check your starter.

Likewise, the ignition switches in scorts always seem to go bad.

If you just want to get your battery tested in a hurry, take it to a Sears, or autoparts store.
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