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Car Showroon

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Do we have one anymore? I kinda lilked to be able to dee others peoples cars. I might just be missing it or domething.
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gallery! add r pics. make yourself a folder and add in the pics. i´ll rename that link there so its called car showroom.
We hope to get a new one going soon. keep your eyes outfor it soon... yah right!
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the one we have is the Car Showcase, it is located to the left in the menu list
just for anyone´s info/interest, i have updated pics im mine
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ADAM, wassabi

hehe nice for me to be the vet and you be the newbie for a change...

Hey I wanna visit Hersheyville, and I wanna see the Kid Frost mobile

When´s a good time to head over there.

I´ll be expecting an authentic philly steak atthe airport.. HAHA

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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