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Car showcase

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Maybe I just missed it, but is the car showcase still on this new page, or will it be added sometime? BTW the site is sweet. ~Mike
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I emailed Donnie, he said it would be added later.
he is correct we are trying to decide what is the best way to do it.
Don't mind me just ressurrecting the world's oldest thread for no good reason :D
LMAO...I suspect there to be some sort of reason behind it. :p
Well I'm glad you guys know why cuz I sure don't!
That it's about the showcase is coincidence. It was the oldest one in Off Topic. That's how I chose it. :tongue1:
i am lookin into new software for the showcase. the old one crashed 2 times on us, and even though they have new versions of it, i still don't trust it after 2 crashes that wiped everything hehe.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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