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car showcase

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hey guys, now that the car showcase is up and running again, let´s see some of those pictures added back into it! we are up to 50 somethin pics....we need MORE!
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but you said that we have to hold back a bit or we´ll over load it again?
yeah 4 pics max per person or if its in the meet section i will make an exception and you can upload 8. but don´t make me crack anyone with the hickory stick because you put your car in the meet section just to get 8 pics. meet means multiple scorts from multiple owners getting together and MEETing.

this is just for now till we can get some more disk space.
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ha leave it up to me to screw it up heh, so um how do i remove the photos that it put up individually??, i´ll make an album and you can delete the others when you get chance, my bad
hey i f´d it up also. sorry. you can dealte them i will make an album. By the way how do you make an album?

91 Gt Scort. Teal.

[ Edited by 91scortgtboy On Date 11-26-2002 ]
once you are inside the escort pics album, in the upper right corner you will see ADD SUB ALBUM or something to that effect.

i fixed the problem and put your images in a folder. you´re all set.
DONNIE! I goofed, too, and placed 3 pics with the lone shot of a white LX with white tail light and tilted plate. I then created my own album correctly afterward. Can you dump the first upload for me? THANKS!
<wheew> glad i wasnt the only one heh, mucho appreciato to Donnie for all this extra work
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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