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to help make the car showcase a bit more clean for everyone browsing through we have a couple rules that we ask you to follow.

- make a folder for your pics, the name of the folder should be your user name
- if you want to give your folder a description, please give the year/model of your car, ie: 1991 Escort GT
- upload your pics!!!

if you don´t know how to do that stuff here are some simple directions. if you still can´t figure it out, send me an email or a private message and i will help ya out.

1 - go to car showcase
2 - go into the feoa gallery
3 - click [new nested album] ... in the upper right
4 - click [add photos]

5 (optional) - click [captions] to add captions to your photos
6 - click FEOA Pics Gallery and goto the last page of the gallery
7 - you should see an album: untitled with a pic of your car above it. this is your folder.
8 - click the drop down list that is directly below it and select EDIT TITLE
9 - type your user name
10 (optional) - if you want to put your year/model in the description select the EDIT DESCRIPTION option in the same drop down list.

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