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Note: temp. is about -5 Cel or about 16 F
Alright here´s the short version.
-Car overheated a bit (about 3/4 gauge)
-car was taking longish time to heat up
-would run cool (between N and O of NORMAL)

so replaced thermostat(192 F)

-Now it takes FOREVER to heat up plus 2 cases
1)If I let it idle for 10-15 mins it will get up to between O and R and stay there no problems
2)If I drive the car the temp gauge will drop to Below N or lower

I´m still getting a considerable amount of heat so ....

1)How can I make the car heat up quicker?
2)How can I stop the overcooling/temp drop when driving.


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yeah thermostat or the mix is the easy way to go. Uhmmm this may sound mess up but you could always hook your fan up to a double pull - double throw switch and reverse it so it pushes against the cold air trying to flow through the radiator ???

Honestly though before you switched the thermostat those number seemed right. You mentioned it ´over heating´ at 3/4 the gauge. I wouldn´t call that an over heat. In fact before I got the new fan for the turbo, I would hit that in the summers in a drive-through line. Running between the N and O seems about right for everytime but summer. In the summer I would be between the R and M.
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