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Car Problems.. please Help!!!

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Ok this is the deal. Im not sure what the problem is but these are the syptoms, simply put my escort wont move. It starts and runs like a charm but it wont go into a gear. If I put it into drive or reverse it may move like a foot and then stop and another foot and stop.. I have no idea what the problem is, anyone know what might be up? How to go about fixing it.

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i think your tranny is gone
Could it be that there´s no transmission fluid (transmission oil, whichever) left in it and it´s causing it to seize or heat up too quickly? Maybe the sychro´s have gone. But, maybe Shorty´s right, the whole transmission is dead.
Sounds like a transmission problem I guess, but you need to give us more to go on? Does the engine keep revving when the car stops going, like the trans is slipping, or does the engine stall at that point? Does it make any kind of unusual noises? Has this problem gradually worsened or did it just start doing this suddenly?
throwout bearing could be shot. just a guess.
yeah if its reving fine but dies when you try to move it....throw-out bearing could be seizing on the flywheel (happened to ScortGT). Or it would make sense for the flywheel to be damaged in some way.

Best thing to do is pull your tranny.
I don´t think the flywheel is gonna be damaged, he could have blown his clutch. I was lucky when mine went about 10 miles from my house that I actually got home on it. if the engine is revving but it isn´t going anywhere I´d say it´s probably the clutch then, but the flywheel could be all scraped up and needs to be resurfaced.
AUtomatic transmission..

and the car doesn´t die when i put it in gear.. just doesnt move..
It could be something simple like the cable that connects the gear selector to the tranny itself. I would definatly check the tranny fluid though. If thats not it then I don´t know what else to tell you (I drive a stick)
if it doesn´t die OR move when you put it in gear the clutch is probably not connecting, it could be the throw out bearings or arm that isn´t working right.
Shift linkage could have fallen off (hopefully thats all it is), or worse, the torque convertor could be wasted. You never did any neutral drops or anything did you? That would for sure blow the tranny.
Ok, well I put some ATM fluid in and well I think it just leaked out when i did.. Im not sure exactly what it was but when i put it in and started the car i could hear a bubbeling sound so i looked under the car and there was a hose near the front drivers side that was leaking a brown liquid im not sure what it was..? Might be part of the problem?
no fluids in the tranny leads to a tranny that doesn´t work. Same with oil in the motor
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