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Alright i have a 91 pontiac sunbird and i was wondering if you guys could give me some ideas of what i might possible be able to put in there to give it a lil bit of a shine or speed. Thnx
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hey look it´s jason blade!

erm.. I think you may have found the wrong forum... this is the escort owner´s association. There are pontiac forums too, and you´d probably have much better luck at one of those forums.
Well, lets start with some basic stuff. Which engine does it have, what kind of shape is the tranny in, how is the sheetmetal, is there anything wrong with it as it sits (ie. does it miss, smoke, get bad fuel economy?) From here we can go ahead.
and after the basic tune up stuff, intake / exhaust are the best starters for any vehicle, in my opinion (whatever it´s worth)
first off what kind of sunbird is it? GT or STD Sedan or is it an LE Convertible?
If you have the GT model you got yourself a nice 3.1 V6 with 140 hp and 180 lb ft torque. if you have the base model, you got yourself a 2.0L I-4 with 96 hp and 118 lb ft torque. It all depends on how much moolah you want to spend, couple hundred or a bunch of thousands??
You can do as rellimpk said, exhaust, intake, etc. Or you could completely rebuild the engine. I must have more information on your car, which one do you have? how much cash do you have to throw at it? why the hell would you drive such a piece of sh..? Do you have an Escort? Why am I helping the enemy? ;-) :cool:
I KNOW I KNOW... I know how to make it run an 8 second quarter mile :-]

drive it off a cliff ;-)
umm.. we could drive yours over a cliff.. might make a nice cushion for that sunbird.. wouldnt want that thing scratched up, i dunno.. that wing on the back there might catch and updraft and the thing might fly instead of making a mx-3 shaped whole in the ground ...

*im at the library.. tension is high.. thats why im mean.. sorry quinn :D.. i would say it to anyone *
all I have to say is...

y = y(not) + y(not)t + 0.5(g)(t²)

then solve for t and see if you are really getting an 8 second quarter mile...

that wing on the back there might catch and updraft and the thing might fly instead of making a mx-3 shaped whole in the ground ...

(dunno if i did that qoute right...)

wow... that was great. thnx for the laughs!
Yes i do on a escort, its just being worked on and im just workin with the sunbird for a second car. Well the Sunbird is a 2.0l engine 4 cyl its a 2dr coupe, its in fairly great shape just the bottom of the drivers side door is rusting apart. ive played with the intake a lil bit.
Confusedfigure.... Theres a million and one things you can do to your car to hook it up! Think of it this way... If you can think of it and you can aford it... your car can have it.... Take me for example... I wanted people to look at my car and say WOW :p but.... I had a very very small buget... Soo A hundred some bucks and some wirrering... Whala! A glowing ford escort! (hopefuly ill be able to show you all a pic soon) I have more blue lights than any one in the else in the east coast! Including that damn prelude from 2Fast 2Furrious... I know it might not sound good to some of you but... Its really does. Just figure out what you want man... Rice or show?
Adam you should just hurry up the demise of your next car and drive it off a cliff when you get it... cause your gonna crash it anyways... sorry but u asked for it... lol, dissing my custom $700 spoiler.
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