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Re: thanks for the help,

HoKeY said:
sethxtreme said:
Throttle Position Sensor, it keeps your car from dying while at an idle. I have an lx (as you see in my sig :wink: ). And mine is on the TB (throttle body) As yours probally is. It has three screws holding it in, And i belive three wires. Not sure on that, but im pretty sure its only three wires. And my car died once or twice like that, but then i did Cap, Rotor, Wires, Plugs, Filters. And it was all better after that. Anyother questions?
if it could be anything else let me know EVERYONE plz i need to get this one figured out asap! thanks alot for the help
i had that exact same problem on my 94 tempo. that was a lemon. I dunno if an 85 would have it, but check and see if it has an ignition module(also known as a control module). That was my problem.
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