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Car Alarm?

Discussion in 'Safety & Security' started by omanthegiant, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Hey everyone i had a question, i saw someone had posted a question a while ago about their theft alarm and it got me wondering if my car had one.

    a couple nights ago i went to go into my car and i opened the drivers side back door and the little nob that comes out thats supposed to turn on the dome light on doesn't always work so i had to play with it a little to get the dome light on.

    Doing this however made my "theft" light come on. Then i shut my door and went to open the drivers door and my car started blaring an alarm. I never knew to this day i had one. I have an 01 SE and i'm not sure if it had the automatic unlock stock from the factory. When i bought the car it had one on it but we had to replace it with another aftermarket one.

    Is there a way i can arm my theft alarm? I remember the post saying that its armed when you lock the door and the theft light blinks on and off but mine doesn't do that. any information would be helpful

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