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Can you help me with a starting problem 85 Escort with 17000

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We are having problems starting our Escort. 3 Days ago my radio wouldnt turn on. Now it works fine. But when I try to start the car the Starter Relay makes a very rapid ticking or grinding sound. I thought that the starter relay needed replaced but a friend of mine said it could be the battery or the starter or the altinator. Can anyone help me with this problem? I signed up for Alldata.com to hopefully help me with this problem and they dont have to much info on the escort.
I jump started the car and now it seems to be starting fine I shut it off and turned it back on about 8 times with no problem I am baffeled. I would really like to know what the heck is going on with this car.

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Well the fast ticking is your solenoid and generally when they do that it is low voltage.Clean your cables and terminals thouroghly.check your battery water level.test batt voltage while running or bench test alternator if you haven´t found the problem yet check the fuseable link between the alternator and battery.If it´s gone replace correctly after you find out why it´s smoked.Some people run a jump wire around them but if you have a short you have no failsafe.I have thought about a circuit breaker but the best answer is fix it right.My bet is on a dirty cable causing a bad connection.
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