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Can I turbo charge it?

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I have a 1.9 SEFI what ever the hell that is. I hear about turbo charging and turbines and nos, what are these mods and can I do them?
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few more tid bits....(taken from 1989 Ford Escort Shop Manual, page 21-27-34)

Cumbustion chamber volume 55cc HO 39.9cc LX
Rocker Arm ratio 1.68 HO 1.65 LX
Cam Lobe lift 6.731mm (.265 in) HO 6.096mm (.240 in) LX
Remember upping your Rev limit is all about bottom end balance as well as the primary valvetrain support.

Granted the bottom end can usually hold more then any top end...but always consider your limits being your bottom end. If you blow the top, its cheaper to replace comparatively.

I dont think DOHC is a marketing ploy, its just a higher performance option. SOHC has many benefits too...just not in stock form for the majority of people.
Don´t forget that you can fit 16 valves in a SOHC configuration. SOHC doesn´t necessarily mean 8 valves. Look at the early Honduh engines. They´re 16valvers with SOHC heads. Good airflow, and the benefit of less parts.
Yea but using one lobe to compress two valve springs seems like it would add extra wear, and stress on the cam.
my uncle (well not really my uncle, but sortof my mom´s step-brother´s friend kinda) in maryland actually makes a bunch of chrysler camshafts (name of his business is camcraft cams: camcraftcams.com/), and he also does custom orders, although they´re pretty pricey (I think it´s about 350 bucks for the header (the template for the cam lobes) and then the price of the cam on top of that. The plus side? If you do a mass order, then you can really cut the price because he can use the same header (template) for all the cams that he makes.

He´s got a bunch of cool software so he can make any acceleration curve you can dream of (within physical limitations) and the quality of his work is very high, and I´d know because I´ve been in his shop before.

so if you´re really serious about doing some serious mods to a 1.9, or even if a bunch of the GT owners here want to make a mass order of new cams for their 1.8L mazda BP DOHC engines, I could probably hook ya up.
that´s sweet! i may have to get in touch with you in the future, but for now funds have to go to just paying her off first!
Actually yeah...Cams and Cam timing gears would be an awesome upgrade that could be installed in a day.

hahah...and escort having problems idling because it has race cams....would be awesome to sit next to a muscle car with the irregular idle
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Would a 1g 1.9L HO head fit right on a 2g 1.9L?
Would any other mods be needed to pull off this swap?
What power increase would changing to the HO head give?
actually I believe it would fit. Check it with a 1G person first...but I believe it would fit. I´ve heard if your going to do that you should probably use the 1G pistons too.
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