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Can I turbo charge it?

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I have a 1.9 SEFI what ever the hell that is. I hear about turbo charging and turbines and nos, what are these mods and can I do them?
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sorry guys didn´t mean to sound like a moron back there. I was really tired when I read that post and didn´t see the "S" in front of the "EFI". The only reason I wanted to know what year it is, is that a 1st gen can be turboed easily if you use the one out of the EXP escort. As for the 2nd gen escort, it would probably be easier (i think) to convert your car over to the 1.8L. Or you can even attempt something harder and put the 2.0L in from a 3rd gen zx2 (check out chadgore´s car in the showcase). Personally I would get a get a 1.8 and turbo that because its alot easier (and cheaper)...(and cooler!)
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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