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Camshaft sensor keeps failing

Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.9L SOHC' started by db1793, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Christopher J Coston

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    Can I ask how did you change the camshaft sensor
  2. denisond3

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    south TX or northern VA
    The only one I ever changed was when I was doing a rebuild, and had the intake manifold off the head. That is the only way you can change the cam position sensor - as the intake manifold is in the way of pulling the sensor out. I only removed the OEM sensor out of curiosity, and found part of the plastic outer surface was cracked. So I took a another one from a parts engine that I had bought. I dont even know of the sensor was still working or not. I have never bought a new cam position sensor - yet.
    My impression is that disconnecting the cam position sensor connection wont prevent the engine from running about the same. From these forums I gather the only difference is that the injectors will all be fired together, instead of individually. Also some member has theorized that above some engine speed the injectors fire together anyway - such as when cruising along a highway.

    But to answer your question: 1. remove intake manifold, 2. unbolt the sensor, 3. slide it out of the head.
    I have worked on eight 2nd gen Escorts, five of which I still own and use for daily driver's. When I was doing an engine rebuild or changing the engine head, i would remove the intake manifold completely, unbolt the exhaust manifold (including unbolting it from the catalytic converter), and after taking the timing belt off, unbolting the engine head. With the manifolds removed first, it makes the head an easy one-man-lift.

    The reason I would not plan to just unbolt the intake manifold and move it far enough out to slide the cam position sensor out, is because the intake manifold has to be a good water tight seal with the head. There are two places where there are openings in the side of the head into the water jacket - and I insisted on having a good gasket with some RTV sealant around the openings. I like Permatex ultra black.
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