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I have taken 4 of the crankshaft damper bolts off & they arent fun. I dont live where I care to make much noise or attract attention. So...
I have always dropped the catalytic converter down, so I could unbolt the little metal access plate on the oil pan. (8mm wrench) Then I could jam a good sized screwdriver into the flywheel teeth. That would keep the crankshaft from rotating. Then I put my 19mm 6 point 1/2" drive socket wrench onto the bolt, with a couple of 1/2" drive extensions to bring it out beyond the line of the fender, where I could put my 1/2" breaker bar on the extension. The socket is the type for use with impact wrenches, and has of thicker construction than regular sockets. I put a jackstand to support the end of the extension, and a 3 ft length of 2.5" heavy duty steel pipe over the end of the breaker bar. Then I put my weight on the end of the pipe.
Turn counterclockwise to loosen right-hand threaded bolts/nuts.
So far I have not broken or damaged any of those bolts. When I go to put them back on, I use my torque wrench so as to put about 100 ft-lbs of torque on the bolt. The service manual calls for 81-96 ft-lbs. I also use medium strength thread locker on the bolt.

Does a 2nd gen. Escort have any left hand threads on it?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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