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Call me stupid

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I read some of these fourm topics about removing the airfilter...box..thing-o-mabobber, lol
, i read them and i dont understand what to do because lack of details, (air intake for a 2gen), if someone can tell me what to do step by step or show me a link i would like it, if not i will just ...tamper with it till i think its right
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what you have to remove is the air silencer tube. Here´s how to get to it:

1. Remove the top of your airbox (the thingamabob behind the driver´s side headlight that holds the air filter) there should be 4 bolts or screws holding the top on. (there also may be some wires plugged into the top of the airbox, unplug them).

2. Take out the air filter and remove the bottom of the airbox. There should be 4 bolts holding this in place. Once you remove the filter, you will see a hole at the bottom of the airbox (this is where the air tube silencer connects to the air box.) Remove the bottom of the airbox and you should see the silencer tube. There is 1 bolt on the chassis of the car holding this in place. Remove the bolt and remove the tube.

3. Reattach the airbox and your done!
Here´s another easy mod with the airbox that helps a whole lot:

1. Take off the top of the air box
2. Remove the filter
3. Remove the bottom of the airbox

You´ll notice that there´s only a hole thats like 1.5"

4. Take a dremel and cut the airbox´s bottom out but leave the little ledge that holds the filter

5. Put the bottom of the box back in
6. Drop in a K&N filter for the Escort´s
7. Reassemble the box

8. Enjoy the [email protected]$$ whizzing sound from MASS SUCTION !
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I forgot to mention, this IS different then removing the intake muffler that was described in this post above.

But do both of them...every little bit helps.
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So are you saying that you have the bottom of the filter "sticking out" the bottom of the air box? or is that cutting too much off?
yeah, so basically the filter is the size of the hole...but leave enough of the box so the filter wont fall through.
yes, i´m bumping this post back up...
so even after these air box mods, can you still replace the box with a conical filter? and if i intend to go conical, what dimensions of the filter should i get that would fit the adapter for the MAF sensor n such? (93LX)
Here´s an interesting note. I dont have the turbo installed yet, but I do have my boost gauge in and reading vacuum.

With my airbox cut mod, at 80mph with the K&N filter at full throttle I can actually read .5psi of boost. Must be acting like some sort of ram air with the box cut and sitting above the tranny.
welcome to the world of resonant frequency. you are experiencing the same effect that velocity stacks provide. the moving column of air is just the right size and as the valves close it creates a pressure spike. these are not always good. when there is a spike in one place there is more vacuum in another.
Man everyones carving up the airbox, it´s still to restrictive, how about just buying an intake. I believe Chris Wong from http://www.ctamotorsports.com/ sells intakes for your cars (91 and newwer). Chris is a great guy and very helpful. This is where I bought the intake for my Contour and I´m about to buy another on for my roommate who just purchased a 97 Ford Escort thismorning.
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a grand idea, but some of us can´t afford the $190Can. price tag!

time to pull out the dremel....
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