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Buying GT - what to look for?

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Hey guys, I've had my LX for quite some time and I'm looking for a cheap GT to beat around in for the summer.

I know what to look for in terms of body, usual rust spots, etc.

How about engine? I know very little about the 1.8L. What types of things should I be looking for? Leaks in certain areas, etc?

I've found a potential GT that I asked the owner some questions. I asked if it burns oil and if its mechanically sound. This is his response:
"Mechanically, I just put about $400 into the engine because of a starting problem.....new spark plugs, new wires, new ignition module, new ignition coil and what turned out to be the problem was the distributor which has the cam and crank shaft sensors in it. I got a used one that fixed the problem! I haven't noticed any exhaust smoke so I don't believe it burns any oil, if it does, its very little."

It's also got 192,000 KILOMETERS (not miles) on it. 5spd. The A/C doesn't work but I'm not concerned about that at all.

He's asking very little for the car and it obviously has some rust on the rear wheel wells, hood, and where the jack goes he had to fill the hole in with foam and rhinoliner spray.

Thanks for your help!
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Things to look for?

Oil leaks. Normally from the valve cover and the o-ring behind the disty.
Condition of the timing belt, if that matters to you.
Coolant leaks. Mainly from the lines that run under the TB, or the stupid sensor on the overflow.
Condition of the motor mounts. Odds are they're shot.

Rest of the things are the things you'd look for on any car.
get it no matter what its a GT the tranny and engine alone parted out are probably worth more than what he's asking!
buy it n sell the engine/ tranny

Edit: what fastscort said
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