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buying a protege lx, radiator problem??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chriskory, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. Chriskory

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    theres a 91 madza protege lx 4 door black by my house
    its got 140k
    awesome car
    the radiator leaks at the top, i hear a common problem
    everything else is amazingly good shape
    for 400!
    everything is perfect, the radiator needs to be replaced, how much do you estimate that will cost? and the muffler needs replaced due to rust

    its the same radiator as in the escort gt right?
    is that the same as the radiator in the escort lx?
    im hopeing to get a local junkyard radiator and install it myself
    how much to get installed???
    please help, he listed it for sale 3 hours ago , and i saw it within 1 hour
  2. TitoElSpicco

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    I replaced the radiator in my Escort in 20 minutes - that's including draining and refilling the coolant.
    Easy-peasy man. Yank that car up quick.

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