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sorry Im not helping but I have the same exact problem except.....My oil is fine its not using oil but I still smell it when i "speed" and my check coolant light just came on today and stayed on(for the past couple of days it came on then once the car was warmed up it went off) Now what I thought it was was....When I popped my hood three days after my oil change I looked and my oil cap was gone :? it was wedged between something and something else (sorry i dont know engines :? ) and there was oil on the top of the engine but me and pappa dukes check the oil and it was fine so I thought thats why Im smelling burning oil so i wiped down the engine a few times and got rid of most of the oil (it wast that bad) and I still smell it but not as strong....Im sorry to invade your post like this but when I read it it reminded me. I have a 95 1.9 auto
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