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pistons- talk to Ron at Diamond Pistons www.diamondracing.net about having some custom pieces made up. Rods should be good for lots and lots of power with some good ARP bolts installed. Otherwise crower or another manufacturer may be able to custom forge some. You're looking at some serious cash for something like this, expect to pay around $1200 for custom rods and pistons alone. If you start changing the cam, make sure the pistons are notched enough for the lift and events so they don't meet in the middle. If you're making enough power to need rods and pistons you'll need it O-ringed as well. A cam is useless without some strong aftermarket springs to match, and you still haven't looked at the fuel system.
If you're going turbo, swap in the entire EEC system from a turbocharged 2.3L ford (Merkur or Thunderbird). Boost is bad for valves, so have some stainless exhaust valves made for sure and maybe intake too. And don't forget an intercooler!
The other option is bigger injectors (ford green or brown tops might work, check the level of impedance to be sure they match) and get a fuel pressure regulator and high performance walbro pump. Alternatively, look into a standalone system like MegaSquirt which is a do-it-yourself programmable kit to control fuel delivery but does not do timing. As you can see, it gets to be a domino effect, and when it all boils down, if there is not already aftermarket support for hotrodding an engine like the 1.9 it can become a major investment for what you get out of it. There are people like Jeffescortlx who know how to get power on a budget, and in my opinion, that's the only way to go for an escort.
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