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Hopefully these pics work for you, uploaded to myspace from my phone...

Helped with clean up, I have about half of the course in the back of my car.

Tucked a little?

10 Dennis Danielson 191 1991 Ford Escort GT 77.453 (0,1) 68.718 (0,0) 65.576 (0,0) 63.718 (0,0) 62.094 (0,0)

But mind you... 62 seconds in an escort gt where the only thing done to it is an intake. Everything else is absolutely stock. Some other cars that ran novice PM and their times. 01 Golf 1.8T ran 64s. 05 Focus ST with some mods ran a 61.5. 05 Lotus Elise ran a 60.39. 04 Covette z06 ran a 58.8. 06 Lan Evo ran a 57s. Cars that totally outclass my escort. Only my third autoX event, first two were in my supra, and this being the first time with the escort, I'm really proud of it. They did fun runs after the timed events and my quickest was a 60.XX but I took down a couple cones, can't wait to get some suspension work and wheels/tires on this and see how much I improve.
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