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Bronze Oil shifter bushings

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Anyone wanna see some pics of the Bronze Oil shifter bushings and installation pics from today 2-11-03 Check out this link:

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Is there a noticable difference in the way the shifter feels after you install them? Is there excesive vibration as your driving? How much did you pay for them and where did you get them? Finally, does anyone know where I can get the polyurethane bushings online? I don´t want to spend that much money. One more thing, were they easy to install? Thanx ahead.
escortfocus.com says that the poly bushings only fit 97 and up escorts. I have a 91. Will these work? If not where else could I find the poly bushings online? Do you have to get under the car to do this or can you do it from the inside by taking the shifter out. I only ask because its so dang cold out and I really don´t have a suitable place to jack up the car. Thanx again.
I was afraid of that. Oh well. You did fail to answer my question about the years on the escortfocus website or if there were any other sites where I could find the poly bushings. Any 1 know?
HE used the bronze oil bushings. On the website the bronze oil bushings are for 91-something escorts. The POLYURETHANE bushings on the site say they are for 97 and up as well as the Zx2. I want the poly bushings because I´m practically broke and can´t afford the bronze oil ones. So will they fit?
Ok I e-mailed Rob and yes he does have them. They are just not on the website. I will be ordering them shortly. When I get them and install them I will let everyone know what I think. I´m getting the poly bushings because the bronze oil bushings are too expensive. The poly bushings are only going to cost $8.99 plus shipping and handling in case anyone is interested.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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