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Bronze Oil shifter bushings

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Anyone wanna see some pics of the Bronze Oil shifter bushings and installation pics from today 2-11-03 Check out this link:

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Is your name vtec_eater_haha on cardomain.com 94egtDAP? there´s something else I´ve been wondering, whats your name mean? I got the 94egt part, but what´s DAP part?
Well using my investigative skills I can see that he has a 1994, or 2nd gen EGT, much like your 91...so since he got his bushing to fit I would suspect that if you got them they´d fit as well. the same 5 speed manual transmission that is in the 2nd gen EGTs were used up to 1997. So.... if it fits the 97 model year it would fit yours as well. ;-)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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