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Bronze Oil shifter bushings

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Anyone wanna see some pics of the Bronze Oil shifter bushings and installation pics from today 2-11-03 Check out this link:

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yes there is a noticable difference in how it shifts, Much more solid felling, It does deffently take the rubbery feel out of shifing. You can goto www.escortfocus.com they have the bronze oil bushings, and also the polyurethane bushings also. I paid like 37.00 which included Shipping for the bushings. Installation was simple, needed one socket and wratchet took about 10 min. Check out the link for install pics.
Yes you would have to get underneath the vehicle to change the shifter bushings. My name on cardomain is vtec_eater_haha, whats it mean? Well I´ve never lost a race to a VTEC, I dont like honduhs much so I made the name VTEC_eater_haha which means i eat VTECs ;) get it now?? and the 94egtdap is my 94 egt and the initials of my name thats all.
Yes it does help the side to side while in gear feel lol ;) I hate that too when teh car is in 1st and seems kinda like in neutral LOL. The bushings make a pretty big difference I think, Much tighter feel and not so cheap and rubbery factory feel.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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