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So I look at my car and notice that the drivers side rear is sitting a little funny. So knowing that the rear coils on these cars are a problem maker, I quickly made the assumption they were broken.

So I order a set of new springs. Pull the old ones out, and I find the spring to be broken in 2 places. :eek: I replace the spring and move to the passenger side since its best to replace springs in pairs. Unknown to me, that had a broken coil too!

So now the car is sitting pretty on new coils. The odd thing is that I replaced the coild 3-4 years ago. I do drive aggressively and use the wagon as a hauler...but I didnt think I would do that much damage to those. I picked up the "Cargo" springs from AdvanceAuto. The card in the box says they are made by Moog. That was the only option open to me. Hopefully these new ones will last a little longer.

I will post up some pics when I get a chance.
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