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Brake pedal feeling....

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I´ve always noticed my escort had poor pedal feeling to it during heavy braking. I´ve just gotten new rotors and pads on all 4 wheels, I know there is a break in period but my brakes still feel too weak for my comfort.

It feels like when I slam on the brakes that my foot is hitting the floor. Does anyone else have this problem/symptom?

Is there anything I can do? Could my brake booster be weak or something? Is there any adjustments I can do?

I´d really like to have my brakes feel strong, even lock-up BEFORE my foot hits the floor.

Any help/comments would be appreciated.
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I have noticed in the past month, my when i push the break it feels like metal on metal sounds like metal on metal, when pushing the break in, and stoping time is downfalling 2, its getting harder for me 2 stop, i think i need to break pads, lol
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