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Brake pedal feeling....

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I´ve always noticed my escort had poor pedal feeling to it during heavy braking. I´ve just gotten new rotors and pads on all 4 wheels, I know there is a break in period but my brakes still feel too weak for my comfort.

It feels like when I slam on the brakes that my foot is hitting the floor. Does anyone else have this problem/symptom?

Is there anything I can do? Could my brake booster be weak or something? Is there any adjustments I can do?

I´d really like to have my brakes feel strong, even lock-up BEFORE my foot hits the floor.

Any help/comments would be appreciated.
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Two things:

Get braided stainless steel brake lines (DOT approved)

Flush out the old brake fluid...takes a little more than a quart.
Stainless lines are about $100 for a complete set, which according to the cost of the last OEM line I had to purchase for an emergency, costs the SAME as regular ruber lines.
Try looking at some of our sponsors.
Different pads, resurfaced rotors and clean fluid with the stainless lines will make a big difference. Hawk, EBC, AXXIS (metakmaster), and KVR are a few brands...
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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