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Haven't posted in forever.. I still have my ZX2, with over 217k miles now..

Last week or so, my brake lights got stuck on. Even when I turned the headlights and the car on and off. I unplugged the battery for now.

I called and asked a mechanic. They told me it is probably the brake light switch and it would be under $100 to replace. I looked up the part online and found it for $30-40, so I'm wondering if I can switch it out myself. I once replaced a reverse light switch on my 3000gt and it wasn't hard: unplug the connector and unscrew the switch, replace and reconnect- but I don't know where the brake light switch is on my zx2. If anyone has some directions or photos to help out, please let me know.

They are telling me it will cost me $340 I knew it was lower don’t know where to take it

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All new to me what is a blue stopper don’t see one
If you are expecting an instantaneous response from the member who started this thread ELEVEN YEARS ago, you will surely be disappointed.

It also doesn't seem that you have read the entire thread.
Let me boil it down for you, with a fresh reply.

You are experiencing a brake lights remain on symptom, which is what brought you to this thread.
This is most likely because the plunger of the brake light switch is not being fully depressed, due to the lack of a pad/stopper/whatever.
Maybe it was blue, maybe it wasn't, but it is probably GONE, whatever its original color.

The best way for you to understand what is at work here is to LOOK up under your dash at the upper end of your brake pedal assembly.
You will find there a brake light switch (and perhaps a second, similar cruise control cutoff switch, if so equipped).
You will note that the plunger of this switch is supposed to be depressed when the brake pedal returns to its resting position.
This is what turns the brake lights off.
Since the plunger is NOT being depressed enough, your brake lights remain on.

To resolve your problem, you need to take one of the following actions:

a. Replace the pad/stopper/whatever with a pad/stopper/whatever purchased at the dealer.
b. Install a similar pad purchased from the HELP section of an auto parts store.
c. Install a pad meant for cushioning metal doors, that you can purchase at a store like Home Depot.
d. Stack a coin or two and glue/tape them where a pad would go.
e. Do the same thing with a small magnet of similar thickness.
f. Do the same thing with something that isn't an automotive pad, a home store pad, coins, or a magnet.
g. Temporarily disconnect the wiring harness from the switch, turn the switch deeper into its mount, and reconnect the harness.
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