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Bought the $5.00 resistor, HELP!

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I had bought that fucking damn thing off ebay that boasted 20+ hp! This was before I read the s-h-i-t about it on here. I bought the poo poo, so I want to know will it do anything for my car? Will it harm my car if I install it? I bought the damn thing so I want to at least see if it does anything.

It is just a resistor "that you can buy and any radio shack."

But here is what it tells me to do...

1: disconnect battery
2: locate the IAT or sometimes known as the manifold air temperature sensor(Intake Air Temperature) sensor plug on air intake tubing.
(the intake air temp sensor is mounted to the air duct housing. The sensor detects intake air temperature and transmits a signal to the ECM, or ECU.
3: Unplug IAT sensor by lifting the tap and pulling it off.
4: take resistory supplied already bent into a U shape.
5: You need to push both ends of the resistor into the plug with the wires. You will see two holes in the end of the plug with the wires. Push one end of the resistor into the metal(spelled medal in the instructions) on the one side and put the other end of the resistor into the metal of the other hole (this is the end with the wires)
6: Tape resistor to IAT plug with electrical tape (not supplied)
7: Reconnect the battery
8: use premium fuel for maximum result and performance.

I am sure I would notice a increase in performance with just using better fuel than with this resistor.

Anyway, I want to try it out and see what it does as long as it doesn´t snuggle up my car in any way. Then I can confirm it to myself and to others what it does or doesn´t do. However, these instructions are worded poorly, so can someone help me with instalation? I have a 95 lx 1.9. You see why I bought this. Damn 1.9 stock 88hp...oh well.
Aight, if you read this and actualy give me advice on how to install it, much thanks to you!
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On 2003-01-12 02:33, Acoustiman wrote:
Push one end of the resistor into the metal(spelled medal in the instructions)



shouldn´t snuggle up your car, may cause "flooding" which isn´t really possible in injected engines, and may cause shitty performance, but worht a try just for shits and giggles, I guess.
Throw that junk in the garbage and go out and buy a potentiometer (variable resistor). Splice into the IAT Sensor wiring harness and mount the pot knob inside your car. That way you can tweak the resistance level for optimum performance. You may also want to read up on modifying the coolant temp sensor. Be careful though.

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it probably not going to do much but lets get this straight....by spoofing the temperature by even 40 degrees (F, sorry...dont rememeber the C conversion on the top of my head all you Canadian folk) STILL wont FLOOD the motor.

You have to drop more fuel then that to flood the motor.

I say hook it up....tell us what you think about it.
Hey, the potentiometer idea is a good idea!
An even better idea would be something that you could do to interface the ECU to a laptop and view all the stats of everything that is happening and manually adjust everything that the ECU is doing. They probably already have something like that, though.
Actually, at one point I came up with a design to hook a laptop up to your car, but it would only work with OBDII cars, of which mine is not one.
If you´re willing to drop $1200, you can get a nice fancy standalone interface that will hook up to your car and provide instant readings from your motor.

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