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bought a winter beast

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So I picked up a 1985 Datsun 200sx today for a winter beast I can lug around. I was actually just gonna drive the scort thru winter (original plan...). But im in one of those periods where buying premium gas instaed of regular gas is like gambling my life savings. Im really low on funds right now, REALLY low, have been all year really. I need some serious Tranny work on ol´ blue before she can get back on the road, and lack of funds and complete lack of tranmission knowledge has rendered the scort garage bound for the winter.

Anyway, this datsun isnt the prettiest 200sx ive seen by any means. But its quite mechanically sound. good suspension, exhaust(kinda..) and brakes and everything else are up to par. I got an insane deal on it, under 100CDN!! thats like $2 American for you guys down south...

I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about these cars? I guess what I really mean is, anything out of the ordinary. Its a 2.0 SOHC I believe.


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Yep the 1984-1987 datsun 200sx came factory with a 2.0 optional 1.8 turbo and in 1987 only a 3.0 these were without a doubt the best of the 200sx line. keep an eye on the oil and temp gauge, and make sure the underside of the car isn´t rotting away. otherwise you have a car that is fun and reliable.
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