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Borked Spring!

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after gettin my baby back from the shop, they also found out that my back right spring is busted and needs replacement. so what, in all your respectable opinions...
...should i do? well replace it of course...i mean with what?

namely, should i just replace the one spring for now with a standard one, replace all four with standard ones, go to performance for all 4 springs, or go all out and get some nice sports suspension happening (i DON´T want to lower though, just want better feel if anything) ? -note, i already had my tie rod ends done recently with high end replacements, but i dunno if that matters in this case, with the struts, springs etc...

so what aftermarket / sport suspension should i be lookin at? money situation isn´t grim, so i could splurge a little, but just a little. thxs in advance fer advice
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and the news gets better!
i go to pick up da Scort from the place cuz the heater´s fixed, and it won´t start. not because of a cold battery. not because of a borked motor. not because of gas or anything like that. it won´t start because the ignition switch won´t turn to start. and it also won´t turn to lock. just switches from off/accessory/on. it´s allll beyond my mortal comprehension. at least i´ll probably get some sporty springs...
I personally would replace only the rear springs, and do everything in pairs if you can. If you´ve got the money, what the hell- spurge for some ZX2 tokicos.

Have you tried turning the wheel while turning the key?
wasn´t able to, it was stuck outside on the ground (still @ the shop), gettin late, and my dad had to bring me home quickly cuz he had to leave.

by wheel, do you mean steering wheel or actual wheel/tire dealy? the steering wheel was not locked up or anything, made sure of that. plus the key won´t go all the way both ways, so it´s really weird

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Glad to hear that you haven´t lost your sense of humor about it, Jughead. I know the problems tend to get overwhelming at times, but these two are no big deal.

First, on the springs, I recommend that you go for the Eibachs. They are probably similarly priced to stock and they are a definite improvement. If your struts have any mileage on them, the Eibachs may hurry their demise. I wouldn´t replace only one spring, since the other, or others, will have the same fatigue suspicions. The Eibach/ZX2 Tokicos from Ford Racing are the best bang for the buck, I think. I use the Ford Racing ZX2 coilover race kit, and love it, but it is too harsh to be practical.

The ignition switch is actually a pretty easy fix (my experience is with a ´92 GT), but you will need to do a bit of investigation to find the actual culprit. Try turning the wheel slightly while trying to turn the key. It could be that the column lock mechanism is interfering with the key´s movement. Barring that, it sounds like it could be a mechanical problem with the lock cylinder, since the electrical switch on the back side has very little resistance in its movement. You can check the movement of the electrical portion by removing it from the back side of the switch and turning it with a small screwdriver. With the electrical portion removed, you can check the movement of the lock cylinder, itself. Once you have isolated the problem child, you can replace either rather easily.

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only one thing interfering with my poking / prodding at the ignition myself: the car´s stuck at the shop place, not at my house (that and the -30 thing mentioned earlier) but i tried for around 10 mins just turning the key and the steering and no go, so meh. i´m too tired right now, i´ll just let the xprts work on ´er. thxs fer the eibach advice, i´ll have to order them in pretty quickly, as the springs (or spring, still don´t know if both are broken or what) are quite broken, like snapped but still in place
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by the way, what site would i be able to order those for in canada? fordracing.com seemed to only cater to US from what i breifly saw.
and the kit showed 4 springs, aren´t there just springs on the back? or are there 2 springs on each of the back? i haven´t ever looked under my wheel wells to see for myself
sup man, yo this is 2 in the same sh**.
last summer my ignition switch broke inside the cylinder itself.
a couple of days ago my 93tracer springs(both) in the rear snapped. erie huh. so i´m thinking of the zx2´s but think their only for regular rate spring not eibachs.
anyway it´s cold as shi* so i bandaided the spring for now(dont ask) so in the spring or when ever. good luck
When I first got my car the left rear spring had broke, so I replaced both springs in the rear. I also replaced the worn struts all the way round. (I would have got springs for the front too, but the money ran out
) Anyway, I replaced all the parts with original equipment. I thought it would soften the ride a bit. Not the case. The new struts and springs make my scort ride very rough and is quite uncomfortable. I guess the point I am trying to make, is that you should spent the extra money and get something nicer than original equipment. I would also recomend that you change the struts too, because if your spring as been broke for ahile it could wear out the strut premeturely. Finally if you got the funds, you should do the front while your at it, that way everything will wear evenly and your handling will be greatly imroved.
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Hey Jughead, hang in there, man!
After I bought my 91 LX, I found that both rear springs were broken. I mean you couldn´t tell at all from driving the car or anything. Not knowing any different, I had them replaced with stock springs, but since then I´ve heard someone saying that the stock springs are defective. They taper too much at the one end and this is a point of weakness. That´s why they always break. If I had to do it again, I´d probably upgrade to something better.
Oh, and there were ignition switch problems too before I owned the car. Not a mechanical binding like you´re describing, but an electrical malfunction where the switch never turned everything off, so the battery kept on dying.
Good luck getting it straightened out!
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On 2003-01-14 01:07, thefirstblusuki wrote:

anyway it´s cold as shi* so i bandaided the spring for now(dont ask) so in the spring or when ever


oh but i will ask! i don´t know how long it´ll take to order in whatever springs i get, so i may be riding on these borked one until then

also, if i go for the eibach set it comes with 4 springs, so there are springs in all 4 wheels? my dad says otherwise (just springs in the back
) so i´d get all 4 and replace. i do NOT plan on going back to stock ones though
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Yeah Juggernaut, scorts have a strut and coil spring setup at all four corners, so there are a total of 4 coil springs on the car.
Don´t forget that if you do the work yourself, you´ll need the right spring compressor for the job. You can rent one at just about any autozone. Like I said before I would do all four struts and springs at the same time, sure its expensive, but the payoffs are much greater.

I wish I had know about the problems with the stock equipment, if I had, I would have saved the extra money and got the good stuff. See what happens when you don´t ask feoa for help or advice? Nothing good comes from it.
lol yea i don´t know wut my dad´s on...maybe he´s thinkin of the ´88 camry or his old festiva or excel...

but i think i´ll get springs now, get struts a couple months later so it´s not too much of a heap at once. i still don´t know where i can actually order in some eibach springs...zx2 struts are easy to find...maybe it´s just me
phoned the local OK tire for eibach spring pro kit prices n stuff, $500 Can. to bring em in. some site i saw somewhere had em for $380 USD, which is about the same, if not more, then delivery/postage n stuff too. anyone know any other spring brands / dealers?
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