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Bomber Full body kit

Discussion in 'Exterior Modifications' started by Reno, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Reno

    Reno FEOA Member

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    Bomber style rear bumper being installed...front clip will be put on this weekend, then side rails if I have time, otherwise side rails following weekend. Now to decide on a color scheme, I am thinking candy apple red with black pinstripes, or candy apple green with black pinstripes, or last, but not least....charcoal grey with red stripes. Ironically I was not going to do a full body kit, but I was rear ended a few weeks back and my oem bumper was destroyed and cost more for oem than an entire kit plus

    bomber.jpg bumper.jpg
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  2. luislop

    luislop FEOA Member

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    lol brother, i guess its ok and can't really hate on your reasoning. but did you know that you could get a used similar or same stock black color from the junkyard for less or around 50 bucks. the whole body ricer kit seems a bit unnecessary.

    i was also rear ended so went to the junkyard and found one of similar color. paid 40 bucks for it, washed and waxed it, installed it and it was a done deal. no reason to go to the dealer for that....guess you just were looking for an excuse to buy the whole body kit lol.
  3. novanutcase

    novanutcase FEOA Member

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    Yeah! Not a fan of the body kit offerings they have for our cars but it's your car and if you like it that's all that matters.

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