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well I finally got my new escort LX E
http://www.cardomain.com/member_pages/v ... _id=357866
I have posted this on escortracing infact i just copied and pasted it here i thought this would be seen better...ITS FREAKIN ANNOYING!
only problem is that it bogges down on fairly hard acceleration... BUT ONLY on the inital pressing of the pedal. So if i drive like a grandpa i have no problem but being a teenager i have a problem. I know what i wrote was vague but just respond with questions if it was not clear enough for you... I am sure that it has been asked before infact it was a recent artical on FEOA.net. but that didnt really answer my question( i tried carb cleaner in tb no work)next would be plugs and wires only it just came form the people who we got it from to the shop and with new plugs and airfilter i dunno what the deal is maybe wires but they look aftermarket (can see on the above link) given aftermarket does not mean they work but plugwirs take a while to wear any info would help... by the way my dad who does not know alot about cars said maybe its a vaccume advance or sumthin... thanks
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