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I need to repair 2 holes on my tracer before I can get it safetied, and it has to be done in the middle of my work´s parking lot. I am clueless about how to fill holes, but I have all the materials. One hole in only probably 1 inch diameter in the front wheel well, and the other is on the frame in front of the rear wheel, and is bigger. If someone could let me know how to fix these, It would be appreciated.
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you should be able to remove the plastic inside the wheelwell and use a piece of screen as a backing for the filler. as far as the one in the frame goes I would need to look at it. I get a little nervous fixing structural pieces on a car. I would be tempted to weld a piece of 1/8th plate steel over it. But I will not swear by it. The best thing to do for holes in a frame is take it to a frame shop and ask them to do it. They have the experience and can tell you if it is going to be a problem. Hope this helps
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Where is the Canadian Tire up there?

I´ll make a swing by tommorrow after class.

And where are the holes EXACTLY ...so I can take a look as to whats needed.
It´s on pinebush rd between franklin and hespeler rd. You´ll see it if you drive by there. What time does your class end? I´m not at school or work today and I was going to put new wipers on the car. I can meet you down there if you get this message in time.
I would have a shop do the work if I possibly could, but unfortunately I only have $20 in my bank account, and I couldn´t afford to get the thing towed anywhere. (no trip permit.)
I can help as well just gave me time and date.
Tomorrow would be the best day, but that´s such short notice. Tomorrow is the last day I can miss class, and I´m off work. The rest of the week I am having exams, and working thurs, fri, sat, sun, mon....etc...BLAH! I can´t wait until I´m out of school.
Tommorrow could be ok......after 12-ish

But supplies are going to be needed
Okay, I´m posting different times and days everywhere...

If it´s okay w/you, (Skuce) then friday at around noon? I´m taking the day off skool (I´m using their computer right now, so maybe I should not be saying this.)

neway, If anything comes up let me know!

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