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Body Paint

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The Body on my car on both sides above the rear wheels is starting to rust. I was thinking of sanding it down and repainting only where the rust is. ´92 EGT is red though, so I doubt I could match the paint, so I was thinking about painting a stripe of equal size and shape on both sides in black paint. Since my car has black trim, it might match, well sort of. So I would wet sand it down for about an inch thick stripe, put base paint on, sand it again, put top coat on, then put on clear coat. The hardest thing is probably going to be making the stripe right. So, any suggestions on what to do, or other alternatives?

Also, my spoiler is faded worse than the rest of the car, and I think it is oxidized paint. It is the 3 piece spoiler. Any suggestions on what I could do to get the color deeper. I´ve heard of maybe using rubbing compound, and I have already tried Turtle Wax´s red color wax.
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If you use rubbing compound be very careful.It can completely remove paint.when you are done clear coat it so it won´t fade as quickly.(it might be easier to remove it then try and mask around it)As far as the stripes mask the line and despite the curves of the body make sure the painted edge stays straight and doesn´t get distorted as it conforms to the curves.Make sure you are absolutely certain before you paint.My car´s paint needs help but before I get it done I am playing with some idea´s and applying them so I know what it will look like before I spend the money to have a custom paint job done.So far I haven´t screwed up(knock on wood)The only part that sucks is I´ll loose the graphics when they repaint it so I´m not in too big of a hurry.
That rust is actually coming from the INSIDE out!!! so if you sand it off...the hole will get bigger and bigger
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Interesting, I´ll check it tomorrow more closely and post if you are right. Sounds like you are.
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I hope that´s not the case,cause unless you do body work you´re in for a headache.
The way the panels meet in the back there.
The exterior sheet metal overlaps the interior fender well on the little lip on the inside of the fender.
All that ford used was a bit of seam sealer to seal the joint between the two panels.
What happens is that salt/moisture gets trapped BEHIND the seam sealer...so then instead of being washed away everytime the car is washed....it sits there for years.....eating through the interior primer...and then trought the metal.

To stop it from heppening originally...is use an oil based annual rust proofing spray (the shutz can types) and spray in the location when you take all your interior panels in the trunk out.

The oil will stop the moisture and the salt from doing the nasty
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The rust is from the inside!
Doubt I could find two rear quarter panels that would match my color. Looks like I´ll just have to have rust for a while.
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Man I´m glad I live in the Desert. Sure the heat and sun and dust take their toll on the paint after a while, but it sure it cheaper to paint than to put new body panels on every few years.

(Sorry, Just had to throw in my two cents)
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If it´s that bad keysersoze, go to www.eusedautoparts.com and buy some new quarter panels. they´ll cost ya more than 200 dollars a piece but you´ll be starting out with a fresh panel that you can paint along with your car. it´d probably be just as expensive as repairing the rust itself.

Red 92 EGT
You can actually order NEW 1/4 panels for something like $135 Canadian from a "Cross Canada Parts" distributer
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