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Which one of these front bumper "body kits" fit the best, I am NOT looking for a direct bolt on, I am looking for a bumper that has the same corners as the stock bumper, lines up with the fender and the wheel curve is about the same.

92-95 Civic front bumper (all kits)
90-94 Nissan Sentra (drift)
88-92 CRX (all kits)
92 - 95 civic (all kits)
88-91 civic hatchback (all kits)
90-93 Acura integra (all kits)

Which rear bumper has the same curves as the stock bumper, I don´t mean the top, I mean at the sides where is curves around, from the back to the side, The bumper has to be the same size as the stock bumper?

rear bumper 90-93 Accord
rear bumper?


Justin GT :-Y


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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