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BMW Headlights

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Someone please tell me everything I need to do or whatever, I know it´s like the 92-98 3-series headlights, but what else do I need, especially if I buy a 90-94 Sentra drift kit....PLEASE GIVE ME THE INFO, a how-to with pictures (or without) would be very nice!
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well all i know is that i have the lights, they are from a 325i, i think an dthey look close, but i will need to do a little work, but it is to cold out right
well I´m going to do the conversion in a week or so, so I´ll borrow a camera and show you fine gentlemen how I will do it. I´m also installing blue or white (depending on how legal I want it to be) angeleyes in the lights, so my sig will actually look very close to the final product, hopefully.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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