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When Bill and Hillary were first married, Bill began keeping a box under the bed.
"Dear," bill said, "I'm putting this box under our bed, and you have to promise never to look inside it. It is very important to our marriage, so please promise me you'll never look in the box."
"I promise." replied Hillary.
Fast forward to their 30th anniversary. Hillary is getting ready for a nice evening out for their anniversary dinner at their favourite restaurant. She's alone in the bedroom and she starts to think about that box. She was very good and for 30 years had never even came close to looking. Eventually, the curiousity overcomes her and she decides to have a quick peek. the contents puzzled her. It was 3 empty beer cans and about $200 in small bills and loose change. This made her even more curious.
At dinner, She couldn't stand the guilt, so she confessed to Bill:
"Dear, I know I wasn't supposed to look in the box, but I just got so curious I couldn't help myself."
"That's OK." assured Bill. "That was a long time ago and all the rough times are over and it doesn't matter now anyway."
Relieved, Hillary ventured: "I am so baffled by what was in it, though. Can you tell me what those 3 beer cans mean?"
Bill explained: "Every time I was unfaithful, I drank a beer in rememberance of my failing, and kept it as a reminder so I wouldn't forget how much I love you and how wrong it was."
So Hillary thought "3 cans, Paula, Monica, Jennifer" I guess that makes sense."
They then resumed enjoying an exquisite meal, until several minutes later, Hillary remembered the money, and queried: "But what did the money in there mean?"
"Oh," replied Bill helpfully "whenever the box got full I took the empties in for the deposit!"
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