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Best Header/Exhaust and Strut Bar...

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Okay folks, your opinions on the best header/exhaust system and strut bar to get, how much they would be, and where I could get them.

Okay, on your marks...

Get set...


P.S. - Fight fair, no biting, clawing, and/or otherwise obscene remarks and/or gestures.
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I´ve seen Pacesetter Headers for our cars for like $120, and the cat back exhaust for $180. But I have heard that they are so cheap, you might be better to keep the stock one. I´m gonna either bore out my stock header so it flows better or have one custom made. (how hard can it be, mandrel bent tubing welded to the base that looks like your stock header´s base, and tap in a O2 sensor hole)
Thanks, but I was hoping for maore replies than just one!

I´ve heard too many bad things about Pacesetter, so I´m gonna steer clear of them whenever possible. Does anybody else have any more suggestions?

C´mon, this would be an easy way to add another post to your total.
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I bought a used Pacesetter 4-2-1 header with the aluminum coating. It´s about 3-4 years old now and I´d say it´s of decent quality. Welds aren´t too thick, bolt holes line up, etc. The coating has started to get brittle but then again it´s only like 1 millimeter thick and has been used a lot. It could use a good porting job but other than that, I like it. Has a nice metallic zing sound to it when ripping up through the gears. I´ll probably get the Pacesetter catback system in the spring because I butchered my catback trying to change the muffler. Oh well.
ive heard some pretty shabby things with acesetter also, thats why i have a 1st gen HO header comming to me soon. bolt right up , but ya gotta modify your exhaust afterwards (its slightly longer than the stock one on a 2nd gen 1.9)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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