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best guess as to mfg location for '86 escort?

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My first car was a '86 Ford Escort L, two door for U.S. Any best guess as to which plant it was manufactured in? Just curious if anyone would know... Wikipedia lists Wayne, Mexico, and Canada as mfg sites for the Escort. Did each plant focus on a specific model or region? Or were they all generically producing similar cars?


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Wayne Michigan was the plant for US and Canadian 1st gen Escorts. Well, that was the chassis plant. The engines and trannies might have come from another area. Welcome to the forum. Still driving an Escort?
My 1985GT (1.6L engine) was made in Edison, NJ. The factory was right on Rt1. I haven't driven through NJ in quite some time, but it's my understanding that it's now a shopping mall.
Check the 1st digit of your VIN.
1 is United States.
2 is Canada.
3 is Mexico.
4 is United States.
5 is I don't remember.
K is Korea.
J is Japan.
S is Great Brittain.
W is Germany.
Y is Sweeden.

I think there are more, but you won't see too many of them here in the US.
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