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Im in love with the krylon fusion spray paint. I've used the satian black on my bumpers because when I got the car it was like 4 shades of grey. And I've droped sockets and screw drivers on it and it hasn't chiped I used it on my gt as my tester car. Don't worrie it isn't in goot shape its been my test car for paint bondo and everything. And I noticed my doors has the plastic chipping off so I sprayed the chrome metal part. Let it sex like 4 days. And it doesn't ship off when I run my finger nail on it. Im going to use it on my drip rails chip off the rest of the plastic and spray ot on and use it on the other faded black parts on my car. Oh does anyone else only have one mirrior on the out side?.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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