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Been to Boneyard

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Yesterday I was at the boneyard. Standard Auto wreckers in northeast Scarborough if you can make the drive for those not too far. Two EGTs; a 91 or 92 Cayman with 3 pc wing intact but had a maroon LX front bumpercover. Inside mostly complete. On top of it was a 94 or 95. had the new dash but airbag was open (the car was not in a crash) Forget color. had factory CD and wing intact.
Both engines complete both 5 spd IIRC. Both had all skirts complete. Suspension comlete. bla bla bla just FYI :-D
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Thanx for the info, but I am actually trying to get RID of my scort, not get new parts for it. By the way, in case I can´t get rid of the scort, where exactly is this place and are they pretty cheap?
Hey MadBrad what are there prices like there are they like a business or are they a wrecking yard that doesn´t really care about prices and they make there own?


Justin GT :-Y
dang, i wish the yards around here actually had some decent escorts at all! never mind even a gt.. *packs up and moves to Ontario* :-Z
Sewells and Steeles in northeast Scarborough. Out in the boonies. they are pretty cheap. I got a radio bracket for a Metro for $10 and he let me have the handfull of push retainers and a ford emblem free. There´s a big price list on the wall. whole interior for 150. also all you can carry days $50 admisson about 5 times a year.
Hey thanks man I found there web site http://www.standardautowreckers.com, thats great, Just a question: How much do they charge to get into the yard?

Justin GT :-Y
Nothing. So it´s like a store. On free parts days you pay 50 and take out all you can carry. I think those days are on the website. I usually go in the day before and start scouting and stripping and hiding stuff. Most of the time I don´t need enoug stuff to make it worthwhile but When I used to have old crappy cars I did it all the time. I turned an 87 Topaz L into a cross between a GS and an LS
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