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Battery Light

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The battery light has been coming on intermittently in my 91 LX, and I´m wondering if anyone could maybe point me toward the problem. It´s done this in the past, flickered on and off a few times, and then went away. Seemed to be triggered by hitting a bump in the road. Wierd, huh?
Hasn´t done it at all in like 2 months, but when I was driving home last night, I nailed a damn pothole, making my CD skip and the stupid battery light came on and flickered on and off for the next ten minutes, and then it went away. It also went out every time I braked to a stop, but came on as I accelerated away from it. Hmm....
I´m guessing a cable or ground or something could be loose somewhere, but don´t know what to look for. When this happens the car continues to run great. There´s no indication that it´s a real electrical problem as the car starts fine and performance is not effected. I have a good strong battery and alternator. Could the wiring to the battery light just be loose, or the sensor that triggers it just be flaky?
Any ideas? :-?
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tighten up the battery terminals and make sure that the acid level in the battery istelf is high enough and there isnt corrosion on the lead plates.

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The battery light didn´t come on at all yesterday.
If the battery were bad, how would it suddeny just get better, I mean I haven´t touched anything under the hood since my previous post.
I really doubt the battery is bad, but I will check it out, thanx for the reply. The battery cables were the first thing I checked when this started happening, but I´ll check them again.
Any other ideas? Could the battery light/sensor/wiring somehow be bad?
Just because the battery light comes on it dosen´t mean you have a problem with the battery. The altinator can trip the light to. Last time my battery light came on I threw my altinator belt.
That is true. The battery light is really missleading. It should be an alternator light. The battery light comes on when there is a problem with the charging system. My guess is that you have a loose connector on your alternator, or an exposed wire that is grounding somewhere.
If it´s the alternator, how could it be an intermittent problem like this? If the alternator were bad, wouldn´t that light just stay on? Also, if the alternator were bad, it wouldn´t be charging the battery up, and yet I´ve NEVER had any problem starting......
Seems like it must be some kind of loose connection, but it´s not too bad. That battery light only flickered on once yesterday.....
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