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I am starting a new project with the lead guitarist and singer from my old band, and we are looking for a bass player.

The band I 'was' in with these two guys, was mostly a cover band, with some original material. The reason I left the band in the first place was because the bass player we had started turning into a dictator, and quite a S***Hole of an individual. It just took the guitar player and singer longer to come around and realize this

We are going off on our own and starting an original material project. Ifluences include, but not exlusive to:

Iron Maiden
Skid Row
Stone Temple Pilots
Strung Out
Black Sabbath

Basically, anything heavier, and some punk, even classic rock. We have a decent amount of experience playing live and had been together on and off for 6 years or more.

If anyone is possibly interested, drop me a line. Our ages range from 31-36, and are looking for similar, or younger.


btw, I am the drummer
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