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the water pump is a priority but its timeing belt driven on escorts. so its either hard to do or coastly should have the timeing belt done at the same time. save you money in the long run. the ball joints and alignment. can be put of for a long time try rotateing your tires(backs to the front) when you drive the car does it handle fine? no pulling or abnormal vibrations? if it is fine the only harm realy from the alignment is tire where.
not that it shouldnt be fixed (my boss talking threw me)
but it can be puit off for a while.a timeing belt on an escort takes me 45 minuteds to replace and get the engine running again. but ive done too many too count. a haynes manuel tells you all you kneed to know for the water pump and belt. if you do it your self probably run you arounf 150 depending on where you get the parts from. thats just for the pump and belt .
im a meachaninc but i dont realy deal with the money at our shop so im only guessing around the price. the ball joints you definetly should bring to a shop and have them done. they can be extremely dificult depending on the age and condition of your car.
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