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Balky lock

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The other day, I tried to unlock the rear hatch on my 95 station wagon. It wouldn´t budge. I tried 2 different keys - no change. The lock had been working fine up to that point. It has graphite in it. I can unlock it from inside the car by pulling up the knob. Am I going to have to replace the lock? Any ideas?
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similar thing inda happened to me, except that my key couldn´t turn my ignition, but could still turn every other lock. the ignition was just plain worn out inside, as was the key. it was just a no go anymore, and before long the rest of my locks will have to go too. not the cheapest thing to fix, especially if you take it in, and taking apart your whole dash / steering column n stuff (maybe it´s easier than that to replace the ignition switch) can be dicey if you´re not sure what to do. i took mine in unfortunatly, and they only replaced the ignition, gave me a new key, and gave me new locks for the doors / hatch separatly at no extra charge :D
so it could be plain worn out, and a sign that the other locks are gunna go too. i dunno, that´s just from my personal 2 cents worth of experience.
last month I washed my car and then drove it, unfortunately for me it´s under 30 degrees outside...the water froze in my lock and I couldn´t unlock my drivers side door. passenger side was fine. So I went home and tore apart my door. as soon as I got it apart the lock started turning again. it was apparently just frozen. Yours might be frozen solid, but then again Juggernaut might have a point, the key/lock could just be worn out.
Yeah james, the same thing happens to my escort... if you bring it to the "car wash" to wash it, make sure not to point the powerful nozzle into the locks... I did this, water got into the locks, and froze. Not good. A hairdryer and 5 minutes fixed the problem. If worse comes to work, the rear hatch panel is easy to take off, and the whole unlocking mechanism is easy to move up and down from the inside. But from what you are saying, it sounds like the lock is frozen.

Try having somebody pull up on the lock from the inside while you turn the key... do this a few times to get everything moving again... if that makes any sense. Basically try to wean the tumbler in the lock to move.
initially i thought it was that my ignition was frozen or somethin, but when does that happen??? i even took a teenie torch thingy (lighter sized, but flame came out sideways) to it to make sure. :p
I would pull the cover check the rods then look at the lock and see if any of the tumblers have dropped half way out.If you cant figure it out just remove the assembly and take it to a lock smith(if you want the same key as your doors)or the dealer and have it replaced.I have recently found locks to be less complicated then I used to think.I actually managed to change the tumblers around in a lock (because I lost the key) and I made it fit a key I do have.
Thanks for the ideas guys. I tried the hair dryer, but that did not work. I guess I will have to remove the assembly and get it fixed or replaced. I think I will wait for warmer weather though.
You could try picking the lock... the way those locks work is a pin/tumbler combo.. the pins may be stuck and you can try possibly taking a hairpin or paperclip and just "raking the pins" and seeing if you can get them unstuck. Likewise, try a little 3-in1 oil or powdered graphite and spray it in there with either a compressed air cylinder or a hair dryer (you can tell I like hair dryers) :-]
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